Mail backup - Gmail backup instructions

There are three different methods to backup NTU mails: Gmail backup, Outlook setup rules, and Outlook archive backup. For more details please refer ...more

C&INC Closed During Chinese New Year Holidays (Feb 13 to Feb 22, 2018)

The Center will be closed during Chinese New Year holidays.Suspension Period: 2018/02/13 17:00 ~ 2018/02/22 09:00 ...more

Huge Cyberattack - The "WannaCry" ransomware

May 12, 2017, a new transformed ransomware WannaCry(WannaCrypt0r 2.0) exploded, no need to open a single file or a website, a mere internet connection could cause attack, infection, and data blocked for ransom. ...more

G Suite for Education service is now online

C&INC has started G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps) service to provide more options for cloud services, members of NTU are welcome to apply. ...more

「NTU Pass-PathFinder」APP Introduction

Many people got lost on the huge campus and delayed their schedule at their first visit to NTU. In the mobile communication era, everyone has a smartphone. Open up google map with whether ...more

NTU Internet Problem Report System

Computer and Information Networking Center(C&INC) set up the “NTU Internet Problem Report System” , for users who encounter internet problems to search for help from network mananger through the system. ...more

C&INC Closed During Chinese New Year Holidays (Jan 26 to Feb 6, 2017)

The Center will be closed during Chinese New Year holidays.Suspension Period: 2017/01/26 17:00 ~ 2017/02/06 09:00 ...more

G Suite for Education Service Trials

C&INC has started G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps) service to provide more options for cloud services, welcome to apply for trial. ...more

The Triangle Contest-App competition and orientation

To follow up the internet era, and to promote the cooperation between students from each school, we welcome all students who have a great passion and interest in App development to team up and join the contest. ...more

Registration of Personal Information

International students are required to fill in basic personal information systems before registration. It is your responsibility to ensure your record is accurate. ...more

General Health Survey

In order to provide the best care for NTU students, the Health Center arranges freshmen health examination according to the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Education. ...more

English Version Of Windows 7 OS

The Computer and Information Networking Center provides the English version of Windows 7 in all of our computer classrooms. We had installed the latest English version of Microsoft Office 2013 and other frequently-used applications ...more

2015 Summer Computer Courses

Data mining is a combination of statistics and information science theory methodologies , hope from the mountains of data , the use of automatic or semi-automatic mode , discover hidden information in useful information ...more

NTU Triangle shared computer labs

Since Nov. 1, 2014, National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have collaborated on shared computer lab resources and services. ...more

Information Technology Courses

In this highly competitive digital age, we make it a goal that all members of the NTU community can achieve professional software design capabilities and a deeper understanding of the IT world. ...more

NEW computer lab iMac Experience Zone

C&INC computer lab room 114 offers new iMacs for use, including six 21.5-inch iMacs with 2.9Ghz, Core i5, 8G RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space (5400 rpm). The iMac Experience Zone will allow students to learn an operating system different from Windows....more

NTU wireless internet: Logging in to “ntu_peap”

In order to ensure the most convenient and safe access to a shared wireless network, NTU continues to work towards its goal of no dead zones anywhere on campus. Currently, campus wi-fi has three accounts (SSID): ntu_peap, NTU, and ntu. Of those,...more

Mobile phone viruses-protection

Cell phone technology has improved greatly in recent years, and there are more and more mobile phone users every day. However, along with technology on par with standard computers comes security risks, including viruses. ...more

MyNTU system problems

What should I do if I experience a problem?“The system seems to have a problem” !!!!! “What should I do”???Have you ever felt this way while using MyNTU? C&INC has developed multiple systems to help deal with this need. So, what should you do if you have a problem?...more