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Computer & Information Networking Center

International direct line

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Service Intro

To provide faculty, staff and students with better quality network service, NTU utilizes Chung-hwa Telecom’s telephone lines to extend NTU campus networks to every single spot in the Greater Taipei area (including Keelung).

Service Targets

All formally employed faculty and staff (including permanent employees of NTU Hospital), and regular students (excluding those who have graduated or those who have been expelled from school or who are on temporary suspension). Part-time faculty, contract employees temporary staff, and project assistants are not allowed to apply.

Application Time

Monday thru Friday 08:30 a.m. thru 17:30 p.m. Starting from September 8th, 2003, the ADSL applications are available at all times, no deadline is imposed.

Application Place

Fourth Floor, Room 411, C&INC.

Application forms download and supporting documents

Applying in Person:

  1. ID’s (faculty certificate, staff certificate, student ID (with registration mark)
  2. Telephone owner’s citizen ID copies (front and back). The applicant must be owner of the telephone, or the spouse, parents of siblings of the owner.
  3. Last month’s telephone bill.
  4. NTU ADSL lease application form.
  5. Chung-hwa Telephone ADSL Lease application form and change of use application form.
  6. Change of ISP Agreement (for those who have applied for other ISP but want to transfer to NTU ADSL)