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Computer & Information Networking Center

Information Security

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Service Intro

In view of the increasing violations on the internet, including junk mails, virus attacks, web frauds, and illegal websites, we have established a SOP for dealing with these situations. Moreover, we have set up a website called 'NTU Information Security Service Center' to provide faculty and students with the newest information on internet security.

Service Targets

All faculty, staff, and students.

Procedures for handling network violations

  1. The violators IP will be blocked on the university's router. And the reasons for blocking will be posted on the webpage of 'NTU Information Security Service Center.'
  2. We will notify immediately by e-mail the network administrators who are stationed at the violator's department or institute. We will ask the network administrators to request the violator to fix violation problem, and report back to us.
  3. Only when the problem is solved will remove the blocking on the violator's IP.

Explanation of the Reporting Mechanism of Violations

We have set up two mail boxes:, for the purposes of receiving reports about internet security violations. Once we receive an information on security violations, we will handle the violation in accordance with our SOP, limit the violator's internet use and ask our network administrators to deal with the situation.

Providing Technical Support and Preventive Measures

Every semester we will convene a meeting for all university network administrators, in which we will inform them of the newest methods of sending out junk mails, committing web frauds, and launching virus attacks. Of course, we will also teach them the appropriate preventive measures.
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