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NTU wireless internet: Logging in to “ntu_peap”
  • Date:2014-5-29

In order to ensure the most convenient and safe access to a shared wireless network, NTU continues to work towards its goal of no dead zones anywhere on campus. Currently, campus wi-fi has three accounts (SSID): ntu_peap, NTU, and ntu. Of those, ntu_peap is already fully integrated into NTU’s Single Sign On system., Since July 15, 2013, users have been able to log in by their C&INC e-mail account and password , not their telephone account. 。

ntu_peap combines the following advantages:。

  1. Convenience: ntu_peap uses the IEEE 802.1X authentication system, so users only need to enter their passwords once. The “NTU” and “ntu” wi-fi networks require a user to log in every time they want to access wi-fi, which is much less convenient.
  2. Speed: ntu_peap and “NTU” both support IEEE 802.11n, typically allowing computers to reach maximum speeds of 300 Mbps. The “ntu” network does not support 802.11n, and thus can only support speeds up to 54Mbps.
  3. Safety: ntu_peap uses IEEE 802.11i, meaning the encryption key transmitted wirelessly is constantly changing. To date, there has never been a successful hack on the ntu_peap network. The “ntu” network has a fixed encryption key and the “NTU” network has no key. The last two SSID networks are better to transfer data on than the one without security.

To learn more about ntu_peap settings, please see:

To learn more about NTU and ntu settings, please see: