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NEW computer lab iMac Experience Zone
  • Date:2014-10-22

C&INC computer lab room 114 offers new iMacs for use, including six 21.5-inch iMacs with 2.9Ghz, Core i5, 8G RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space (5400 rpm). The iMac Experience Zone will allow students to learn an operating system different from Windows. OS X also has built-in video editing software and amazing graphic processing abilities, allowing students to experience software such as Aperture and Final Cut Pro like never before. The system also provides a finder tab, integrating multiple navigation tabs into one convenient window, ensuring smooth and easy use for students.

Because these computers use a totally new operating system, currently, users are unable to use standard printing services from the computers, because they are not yet combined with NTU’s Single Sign On system. To log in manually, click “user access” and enter your username and password. The system will not be able to access your saved files and user profile, so please make sure to save any work you do and take it with you. Due to a limited number of machines, please limit your usage time to allow others the opportunity to use them.