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The Triangle Contest-App competition and orientation
  • Date:2016-11-2

To follow up the internet era, and to promote the cooperation between students from each school, we welcome all students who have a great passion and interest in App development to team up and join the contest. Orientations will be held by industry leader 曾友志 in mid-November, 2016, promoting creativity and communication between contestants.

Please see the official website for more details:

※Competition Schedule:
  -Registration (including application materials) effective from today to Dec. 30, 2016
  -Deadline for the competition documents is April 28, 2017
  -May, 2017 grading session

  -June, 2017 the award ceremony

※Orientation Information:
  -Subject: Lean APP
  -Date: November 16&23(Wed), 2016 18:30-21:30
  -: National Taiwan University CINC, classroom 106
  -Lecturer: 曾友志(founder of Sixnology / lecturer of National Taiwan University, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Institute For Information Industry)