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G Suite for Education Service Trials
  • Date:2016-12-26

C&INC has started G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps) service to provide more options for cloud services, welcome to apply for trial.

  1. You are recommended not to upload important data recently, since the services are still on trial, and it’s only for the students and faculty.
  2. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before trial:
    2.1 Google Terms of Service:
    2.2 G Suite for Education(online) agreement:
  3. The service is on an application system, users can decide to participate or not according to their own wishes.
    Application site:
    Warning: to start the service, part of your personal information will be sent to Google, including your account, name, and personnel number(student id/staff id), etc.
  4. Your account for the service will be:[your school]
    ([your school account]is the one you use to login MyNTU, for example: jsmith or b05123456)

※The new account is a separate system, and is different from, you can view it as two accounts.