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G Suite for Education service is now online
  • Date:2017-4-26

C&INC has started G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps) service to provide more options for cloud services, members of NTU are welcome to apply.

  1. The service is applicable for the faculty, staff, students, and graduated alumni.
  2. Please read the following link pages carefully:
    2.1 Google Terms of Service
    2.2 Suite for Education (online) Agreement
  3. A user could decide whether to enroll the service or not. If the user would like to enroll the service, please apply on the following website:
    Warning: to enable the service, part of your personal information will be sent to Google, including your account, name, and personnel number(student id/staff id), etc.
  4. Your account for the service will be:[your school]
    ([your school account]is the one you use to login MyNTU, for example: jsmith or b05123456)
    ※The new account is a separate system, and operates independently, different from You can view it as two different accounts.
  5. According to No. 1060006297 principle of the Ministry of Education, the system ( is not allowed to be use for official business communication.
  6. Since the data of cloud system is stored abroad, beyond control of NTU, DO NOT store official business and sensitive data on the system, and make sure you have backup for important data.