Use of Computer Classrooms

Service Intro
The computer classrooms are for faculty and students to practice their computer skills. The C&INC provides high speed laser printing services to facilitate faculty and students to print the documents they need. In accordance with the principles of fair play, the Center charges a user’s fee to avoid the waste of resources.

Service Targets
All NTU faculty, staff, and students.

Opening Hours

Classrooms Opening Hours Equipment Name Quantity Operating System Softwares Other Equipments
B1_001 Open at all times except during the Chinese New Year holidays IBM ThinkCentre S50 P4 3.2 GHZ (800MHZ)
Windows XP, Windows Vista Office2007, SharePoint Designer2007, Visual Studio 2005, Acrobat Reader, SAS.9.1.3, Matlab2007a, PhotoImpactX3 6 scanners
Disc Copier
1F_103 Lenovo ThinkCentre M55P IntelRCore?2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86GHZ
Disc Copier, 2 scanners, Disc Copier
Disc Copier
1F_114 (during school days) Monday thru Friday
8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
8:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(during Winter and Summer Vacations)
Monday thru Fiday:
8:30a.m. to -5:00 p.m.

User Protocols

  1. The following behaviors are to be avoided by students. If you should commit any of them, we will suspend your right to use C&INC services for one month.
    • Bring in any food or drinks.
    • Occupying a seat without really working (leaving your assigned desk for more than 10 minutes), sleeping on your seat, or playing computer games.
    • Making loud noises.
    • Littering.
    • Occupying two computers at one time.
    • Lending your account to others, borrowing others’ account, or any act of plagiarizing.
    • Downloading, using, or copying unlicensed softwares.
    • Downloading, using, or copying any unauthorized voice or image files.
    • Engaging in any acts of destruction, invasion, or theft.
    • Randomly destroying, moving, modifying, dismantling, or assembling computer hardwares, including keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitors.
    • Randomly plug, unplug, or connect private internet lines or power
    • Using your personal computer to hook up to internet connections or power sources.
    • Surfing or browsing pornographic websites.
    • Engaging in activities that are unrelated to teaching or learning.
  2. All behaviors should conform to national laws, university regulations, social mores, and good ethics.
  3. The Center is under 24 hour surveillance . Any violators will be prosecuted.
  4. Repeat violations will incur double penalty.
  5. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.
    A. Inquiry direct line: 33665022.
    B. E-mail:

Rules governing the use of printers

  1. The present rules are in accordance with the “Fee assessment rules governing the use of student computers and internet”, which was passed in the 2004th administrative meeting held on April 15th, 1997.
  2. For every printing unit, the fee is 1 N.T. dollar.
  3. If you want to purchase more printing units, you need to prepare your own change, and go to the service counter located at the first floor of C&INC
  4. When you purchase more printing units, you need to estimate how much more printing work you are going to do, as we do not provide refund service.
  5. All the printing units you purchased must be used up before the semester ends, we do not provide refund service.
  6. The printing fees are assessed in the following manner:
    • If you print in black and white (printer no. 4600, 4650), then every printed page counts as 1 units.
      If you print on both sides of the paper, then the printed page shall count as 1.5Units.
    • If you print in color (printer no. 4600, 4650), then every printed page counts as 5 units.
      If you print in color on both sides of the same page, then every page counts as 7.5 units.
    • If you feed a black and white document into the color printer, then the fees will be assessed in accordance with color printing.
  7. You can find out how many printing units remain in your account by checking on line. (you can only check in the computer classrooms)
  8. Once the document is fed into the printer, the fee assessment process automatically begins. Any canceling or suspending action that occur later do not qualify for reassessment or refund.
  9. Whenever you run into a problem, such as running out of paper, the paper gets jammed, or running out of carbon, you should notify the service counter. Under no circumstances should you tamper with the printer on your own.
  10. You are prohibited to lend, borrow, or plagiarize other people’s accounts.
  11. If you violate any of our rules, your account will be suspended for one month.
  12. If you have any problems, please contact the service counter at the first floor.
* Important notice: As we do not provide any refunds, before you purchase any printing units, you must think thoroughly.