Wireless Networks

Service Intro
Over a long period of time, our impression of local area networks remains that of a fixed line type, but the pavement of lines is a big hassle for engineers, who often have to rack their brains to find a proper solution. The advantage of wireless networks is that it can do without the necessary line installment, and can provide roaming users internet environment at any time and any place. The IEEE 802.11 protocol specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers utilizes radio technology to construct an internet environment which has the same functions as local area networks(LAN). It is truly a very convenient and simple method. Compared with Bluetooth, another wireless technology, the IEEE 802.11 technology is much more popular in that it can be used in longer distances and also has a bigger bandwidth. NTU started to install wireless networks from 2001, up to now the installed base reaches 80%(outdoor).

The IP used by NTU's wireless networks are private IP, and are available for the faculty, staff and students of the University.

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