VPN Services

Service Intro
The NTU VPN service allows non-NTU ADSL users obtaining a NTU public IP temporarily, which in turn allows the users to download articles or papers from electronic journals in NTU library. In addition, our clients can use the public IP to access any services which restrict connection from within NTU campus.

Service Targets
All university faculty, staff, students .

With the increasing popularity of broadband, Internet security has also become increasingly important. Especially in the wake of globalization and the growing interactivity between Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. How to allow remote users to safely access information through the protection of encryption devices and firewalls has become an important issue.
VPN’s function is to turn a public network into a private one. It has the capability to establish a link in any computer that others can not pry into, thus offering the user complete security and priority. It’s like turning a public network into a dedicated private network, and through the use of special application software in the process of transmission, it converts a user’s connection into a dedicated line, allowing the user to communicate with the main site, such as a campus.
The VPN networks overlay on top of the Internet, in other words, it adopts the concept of virtual connection to transform the network circuits into a dedicated network. Through the use of VPN one can improve the efficacy of communication, to retrieve and upload information from Internet, and make the transmission in public networks as safe as in a private line.

Explanation of installment
For instructions on setting up a VPN connection to the NTU network, please refer to the document:

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