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Important information security alert

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Virus fishing email attacks
  • Date:2018-09-19

Recently, fishing email attacks has been renewing continuously. All school faculty, teachers, and students, please stay alert!

Fishing emails uses “reply” to attack, as stated:

  1. Sender is someone you’ve contacted
  2. Subject title is the same
  3. Email shows “unable to show this message” when opened to lure recipients to press “click here to view message” (as image one). It will lead to a fraud school website. Uninformed recipients will then put in their account and password. They’ll make the next fishing attack with the stolen email account.

image one.

image two.

What should you do when received a fishing email?

  1. Ignore the email and notify the school email manager or information security personnel
  2. If put in account and password, change your password as soon as possible through the school website
  3. Update your computer anti-virus software regularly and scan the whole computer