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Computer & Information Networking Center

Medical Informatics Division



Mission Profile

NTU (National Taiwan University), being the first integrated and most prestigious institution of higher education, has taken up the responsibility of promoting the level of academic research study and teaching in both its College of Medicine and its Hospital. It utilizes technological developments and information network to establish advanced systems and computerized environment for more advanced research and healthcare services, as well as more efficient management of medical information.


E-learning Support :
Provides NTUCM faculty and students with the support services in teaching and learning, based on the theoretically combined concepts and ideas of Instructional Design and Learning Technology.

Information Management :

  1. Licensed Software Downloads(
  2. Building and Maintenance of NTUMC Entrance Websites
  3. Email account on-line Application (

Network Management

  1. Provide support services of NTUMC campus network including DNS, web proxy,ftp, backup and wireless networks etc.
  2. Plan for network environment to support research and administration.


Name/Position Tel/E-Mail Responsibilities Designated Agent
Chih-Kang Chiang
/Division Director
In charge of the Division's decision making and work allocation I-chiu Tu, Liang-Yun Tung
I-chiu Tu
/Associate Manager
  1. NTUCM webmaster
  2. e-Learning video conference support
Liang-Yun Tung, Chih-Jung Huang
Liang-Yun Tung
/Senior Clerk
  1. Network services management(DNS,NTUCPH's Web Server , FTP,and Backup Server)
  2. Management of information system
Chih-Jung Huang, I-chiu Tu
Chih-Jung Huang
/Senior Clerk
Management of the medical campus networks Liang-Yun Tung, I-chiu Tu
Po-Hsien Li
/Administrative Assistant
Assisting and supporting the businesses of the Network Management Chih-Jung Huang,Liang-Yun Tung