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Computer & Information Networking Center

Important information security alert

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Blackmail email attacks. Don’t transfer money.
  • Date:2018-10-27

This center got a report from the internet manager. A user has received a blackmail email that threatens that his account has been invaded and asks for a 800USD bitcoin payment. After investigation, it is found similar with the published case from TWCERT/CC (as reference link). The email sender did not invade the user’s computer. Do not transfer recklessly!

Email feature:

  1. Subject title is password (xxxxx) is compromised, Your password is xxxxx, your password xxxxx, or password (xxxxx) for is compromised
  2. Email will state that they’ve taken hold of your email password, internet search history, contact information, hard disk information and images, and has planted malware.
  3. Asks for a 800USD bitcoin payment to a certain account

TWCERT/ reference link:

Email Example