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Computer & Information Networking Center

NTU Website Production Platform

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Service Intro

Given that mobile phones and tablets have become the main tools to access the internet, this platform is built to improve the existing websites in the school for the needs of mobile web information services of current users. This platform provides the administrative and academic offices of the university including faculty to build RWD (Responsive Web Design) website for PC, tablets, and mobile phones.


  • In response to the internationalization goal of NTU's website., establish university-wide website quality regulations.
  • For current deficiencies, adjust category weight of indicators accordingly to guide improvements
  • Develop schoolwide cross-department English websites’ content knowledge integration management platform
  • Reward benchmark units and provide observational studies (website or competitions)

Service Targets

  1. All school units (like first class administrative units (including its subordinate units), colleges, departments, professional academies, research centers, etc.)
  2. Each affiliated units needs a specialty permit applications