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Computer & Information Networking Center

Personal Web-pages

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Service Intro

Service Intro: The Computer and Information Networking Center provides web space for individuals to create their personal web-pages or the web-pages of their work units.

Service Targets

All NTU faculty, staff and students.

User Guidelines

  • Please use programs that support FTP/SSL.
  • The capacity for a personal webpage is limited to 300 MB. If the user exceeds that capacity, the system will remove the webpage automatically.

Related Settings

  1. Please ascertain that your account number and password are the same as your e-mail. ※ Please make notice of the proper format. English alphabets should be lower-cased; the total length of your account number should not exceed 9 alphabets or digits.
    • If you are a student, your account number is the same as your student number. Example: b90123456.
    • If you are a faculty or staff member, your account number is the same as your e-mail. For examples: vinchen or kphsu.
  2. Please use FTP programs that support FTP over SSL protocols (such as Smart FTP or Cute FTP pro), to connect to host. Under the personal directory, create a folder named public_html, all files relating to your webpage should be uploaded to this folder.
  3. Please note that the first page must be named 'index.html.' Also, please pay attention to the lettering of the file names. Index.html and INDEX.HTML will be treated as different files.
  4. You will announce to others that your website address is: Replace the 'b90123456' part with your own student number. (b90123456 is just the example that we use for demonstration)

For teaching materials relating to the uploading of personal webpage

please log onto: