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Computer & Information Networking Center

Campus Networks

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The current backbone of NTU’s campus networks is 20 Gbps, and optical fibers 1 Gbps link has been connected to every building within the University, reaching 100% installed base.

Ethernet 100 Mbps link has been connected to every member of the NTU community, providing high quality network services. As NTU is spread over several campuses, in addition to the main campus at Roosevelt Road, there are also the Sui-yuan Road Campus, the College of Medicine campus, the College of Public Health campus, and Hsinchu Campus. In order to provide sub-campuses good connection quality, C&INC leased the Metro Ethernet network services provided by Telecom, and used Gigabit Ethernet to link up with the main campus.

For outbound connections, NTU is a member of Taipei PoP link, forming a mutually supportive circular network with the Ministry of Education and the Academia Sinica to improve the quality of linkage between NTU networks and other academic networks and also to increase the bandwidth thereof. In addition, through Taiwan’s high quality academic network called “TWAREN,” NTU conducts international research cooperation projects with foreign academic institutions, thereby upgrading the quality of research networking. Moreover, NTU uses Gigabit Ethernet to interlink with internet service providers such as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Fixed Networks, Far Eastone Telecom, and Giga Net.

In order to solve the problem of insufficient international bandwidth of TANet, the C&INC launches its own international bandwidth services starting from January 2002 which dedicated bandwidth for international connections, thus efficiently solving the problem of internet connections when our faculty members were traveling abroad. The bandwidth for international connections was upgraded to 2 Gbps since 2013 which remains in effect till now. In addition to network buildup, in order to cope with the problem of power failure, C&INC also invests considerable amount of money and manpower to install top quality air conditioning units and multiple back-up UPS systems in our server rooms. In fact, we bought two new UPS systems which could automatically generate electricity on a rotational basis whenever there was a blackout, ensuring that all the machines could operate normally, and achieving the goal of providing uninterrupted networking service to our clients.

With the advancement of networking technology, wireless networking has been well developed. Therefore, in addition to the infrastructure of networks within each building, we offer also wireless network services in the public areas around the campus. The services are adhered to IEEE 802.11 protocol, students and faculty can therethrough login automatically with all kinds of equipments supporting it, or through the authentication website.

To deal with the problem of remote storage and retrieval, we offer the students and faculty an exclusive ADSL service. With this technology, network services are extended from the campus to houses. The ADSL users of NTU have only to pay a petty for the rent of route of Chung-Hwa Telecom to access the academic network at home.