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Service Intro

In addition to providing the traditional telephone service, the new generation of NTU Internet/telecom service extends the functions of telephone to the far-reaching and universal Internet. C&INC now provides Internet phone service to all faculty, staff, and students. Starting from June 21st, 2008, faculty and staff members can apply to C&INC for an Internet phone number, and be able to make free calls to the university from any place in the world, or use the webpage to hold video conferences and to interconnect with other Internet phone systems (including TANet VoIP Exchange Platform or Skype). The same applies to students as well, but the application date for students is effective from August 1st, 2008. This new service not only provides greater communication mobility for its users, but also simplifies the procedures of communication while saving the users considerable amount of money.

Service Targets

All faculty, staff, and students.

Service Contents

The following functions are available for faculty, staff and students once they acquire an Internet phone number:

  1. Utilizing the NTU Internet phone system, user can receive calls made from the University or any place in Taiwan, and can make free calls to 3366 prefix phone or any 5 digit extensions phone numbers in the University.
    Ways to make calls: (1) by using software phones that support SIP protocol; (2) by using webpage phones via
  2. The Internet phone system also allows users to hold multi-functional video conferences. Anyone who has an NTU Internet phone number can participate in the video conference. The video conferences are conducted in the following ways: (1) reservation–based video conference: the user who already has an NTU Internet phone number can book a time slot for video conferencing, and invites others who also have NTU Internet phone numbers to participate; (2) Personal video conference: faculty members can apply for an Personal conference, and invite other people to participate at any time.
  3. Voice message relay: When applying for a NTU Internet phone number, the user has the option to relay the voice messages in the phone system to his/her personal e-mail box. When he/she chooses this option, in the future he/she shall receive the voice messages in the phone via the mails sent to his/her e-mail address.
  4. Skype-to-NTU: To facilitate international communication, C&INC took it upon itself to establish a mechanism whereby its Internet phone service can interact with Skype, capitalizing on the ubiquitous Skype to achieve convergence with the Internet. Skype users all over the world can access NTU’s Skype account: (ntu.voip), and connect to NTU’s telephony system. After they hear a short salutation message, they can then dial the five digit extension number, such as the last five numbers of 3366-prefix phone number, or dial the five digit numbers to connect to student’s dorms.
  5. The webpage dialing icon: Official users can put a dialing icon on his/her webpage, so when anyone surfs his/her webpage, he can just click the dialing icon, and the call will go through to his/her office phone free of charge. This user-friendly function greatly enhances the convenience and efficiency of the official websites of various departments, institutes and units.

For explanation of VOIP services and application, please go to:中文)